We had our home start building in November of 2021. We were told it might be August of 2022 before we would get in the home. But they move faster than we thought and we moved in on June 26, 2022. We watched the house being built from the ground up and it was exciting but not as exciting as moving in. We love the home, and we have made a few small changes, but couldn't be happier with the house. Cates Builders are great and were very nice to work with, they were patient and made us feel welcomed. I would recommend Cates to anyone who wanted to build their home from the ground up. My husband and I plan to live our lives in this beautiful home. Thanks, Cates Building!

- The Baily Family | Homeowners

The whole experience was flawless!

- The Briggs Family | Homeowners

They really care about the buyer! Everything was fantastic!

- Brittany Murphy | Homeowner

My home buying experience was awesome! Keep doing what you all are doing!

- The Booker Family | Homeowners

Caviness & Cates Communities are awesome. They provided great customer service and we're very, very happy with our new home. We did have a couple of minor issues but they corrected them in a very timely manner.

- Michael W | Homeowner

I enjoy my home and enjoyed watching it being built from the ground up. They were all really nice and did what they were supposed to do. I was really happy!

- Christopher J | Homeowner

The people were really nice and easy to work with. They were professional and accomedating. Also, we love our house.

- Fayetteville Area | Homeowner

I love the space and the fact that the master bedroom is downstairs.

- Wedgefield | Homewoner

Responsive team for warranty and overall phenomenal construction quality.

- Peartree West | Homeowner

So informative, made me feel comfortable, answered all questions no matter how many times i asked them.

- Preserve at Tidewater | Homeowner

Our home buying experience was very smooth! Everyone that we came in contact with during this process was very knowledgeable and friendly!

- Brandon & Quiana Tearry | Homeowner

While other builders we considered projected project completion in 5-7 months, Cates built our home in just over 3 months. We have never witnessed such a streamlined, systematic process. Being a highly organized person, I recognize the effort and coordination necessary to achieve such a short timeline. While at a bold pace, there was no sacrifice in quality; Thomas made sure there was as little downtime as possible by making every day a day of progress. Even when unexpectedly meeting him at the property, he could instantly report on the work taking place each day over the next week.° Thus, we anxiously visited every weekend to see the transformations unfold.

It has been a pleasure to work with everyone at Cates. We are very grateful to have had Thomas Kilpatrick lead the building of our home. We will miss seeing him after the final walk­through. We are proud of our Cates Building, Inc. home., and we would be more than happy to share our experience with any prospective buyers. Thank you for our new home!

- Christine B. Scott | Homeowner

Amazing! I can’t say enough good things about Amber and Alex. They were great and the house looks awesome!

- Barrett Eahan Elkin | Homeowner

I came into this process not sure what to expect. Jaylene, Laurie, and Barbara have truly been a blessing and God sent them to me. I am so appreciative of the process and the beautiful home that I have purchased. I will forever be grateful for the great customer service and amazing guidance I received. This is the best experience I’ve had buying a home. Thank you!

- Giraud | Homeowner